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Veratin Verruca step #1 Warts remover cream 30ml.

Veratin Verruca step #1 Warts remover cream 30ml.

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Verruca Wart Cream helps to remove small warts and papillomas without invasive intervention in 5 weeks.

The first stage of getting rid of warts.

The first stage of the wart removal procedure. Contains natural fatty oils and vegetable CO2 extracts for fast skin recovery. It has an antibacterial, regenerating and nourishing effect.

It can be used to restore skin immunity in the presence of warts, human papillomavirus, various fungal and viral diseases.
The composition does not contain acids or other aggressive chemicals.

Active ingredients: Spirulina extract, tamanu oil, black cumin oil, milk thistle oil, Elastin, vitamin E, Verruca CO2 extract complex, Manuka essential oil, lavender essential oil.

When to apply?
Important! Before use, it is necessary to consult a podiatrist or dermatologist. The drug can be used only in the early stages, with small warts.

  • With small plantar warts;
  • With small papillomas.

How to apply?

  • Apply 2 times a day directly to the site of a wart or papilloma.
  • The minimum course is 5 weeks.
  • A consultation with a specialist is recommended.
  • After the course, it is recommended to use a cream-gel to restore the Verruca skin.
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