About Us

Our story begins with our passion for perfection

For centuries, nails have always been such a reflection of beauty, of our internal choices and tastes, it is such a vivid display of perfection - if done right!

And we love to perfect nails.

My name is Iryna Palianskaya, a.k.a. "NailMasterDallas" in the nail community. For over 15 years, I have perfected the art of manicure and became a highly sought-after nail master and trainer here in Dallas/North Dallas area. "Nail Technician" or "manicurist" are such diminutive job titles for true creators, so in my home country of Belarus we are called "Nail Masters" which I think is a better way to highlight the exquisite, tedious skills and superb nail craftsmanship.

My nail art career began in early 2000's in Minsk and Moscow where I have taken numerous classes, added many clients, and perfected my works. This is how "NailMasterMinsk" was born, my new brand and my new passion.

In 2016, my husband Alex got transferred from Moscow to the US for a new corporate job, and we moved our family to Dallas, Texas. My career picked up with a new speed after a short relocation break. I worked very hard to re-establish a new home studio in our small apartment. It was a very important time of learning the new US market, proving yourself to my new clients, and earning the trust of the new nail community in the US. Eastern European, or "dry"  ("E-style") manicure was a novice, very fresh idea for US market, which helped me a lot but took a few years to establish and popularize here. By all means, there is a lot more to be done! This is how "NailMasterDallas", my new (not really?!) personal brand, my new master label and Instagram tag was born... But honestly, as you see by now, it was the old one but re-born, refreshed, and re-established. Many of my clients said about me, "She nails the best nails, period!", and this is how I became known here in North Texas. I even had clients from Houston and San Antonio driving to see me... this was the best time!

My crazy idea of a nail supplies store came also naturally: many of my own customers and friends nailtechs have asked me to teach "my algorithms" and show the materials and tools that help create such clean, spotless results. Indeed, "Nailing The Best Nails" is what our Nailmasterdallas LLC (or NMD Store, as many of you know it) is trying to achieve. We opened up in 2019, and now, 5+ years later, we are still striving to do the same on the market and for each of our clients. Our store employs several people, we deliver Worldwide, we carry only top professional brands and tools, and serve our customers in the best and most efficient way possible. Not only that, but we offer over 30 great names of brands, so please check out "Our Brands" menu.  

Alex and I now work together managing many aspects of the store: products, content, website, finances and taxes, logistics (this is a crazy one!), and numerous customer issues, product warranties, requests, just to name a few. 

Here’s why you’ll love shopping with us:

  1.  Only Premium Professional Brands: Explore our carefully selected collections of top-notch nail products. From vibrant UV Gels to luxurious spa treatments, we’ve handpicked the best brands to ensure your nails shine like never before.
  2. Expert Advice: Need tips on achieving salon-worthy results? Our team of nail pros is here to guide you. Ask us anything—from nail care routines to trendy designs—and we’ll spill the secrets!
  3. Quality Assurance: We take pride in offering only high-quality products. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we stand behind every item we sell. Get ready for flawless manis and pedis!
  4. Community Vibes: Join our nail-pampering community! Connect with fellow enthusiasts, share your nail art, ask questions, and stay updated on the latest trends. Let’s create a colorful world, one nail at a time. Our popular page on Instagram has it all: new trends, product announcements, tutorials, reviews, live recordings, and of course – many of works of our customers!

We always stand together with our customers, with all 14,000+ of them (and counting). We value our relationships, will help you in any way possible, we trust you - and hope you do the same for us! So join us on the journey of nailing the best nails!

14K+ customers

3K+ of Various Products  

29K+ of Fulfilled Orders 

30+ Top Brands 

5+ Years on US Market