Veratin Micotin Gel (20ml)

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For professional use only! Please consult your doctor first! 

Micotin Anti-Fungal Gel soothes itching, moisturizes the skin and removes peeling. In cases of nailplate physical or chemical damage, Micotin Antifungal Gel accelerates the growth of the healthy nail, strengthens the nail, and removes yellow discoloration. The combination of benzyl alcohol, thymol, and tea tree oil essential has a strong anti-fungal effect. The plant complex of CO2 extracts has a healing effect and prevents reinfection.

Active and all-natural ingredients: essential of tea tree oil, timol,  proprietary complex of CO2 extracts (Micotin Complex®), alcohol.

 It is important to remember that during the treatment of fungal diseases it is necessary to consult with the doctor first and follow the rules of personal hygiene, don’t use synthetic socks and don’t wear narrow shoes (avoid the increased sweating).

  • Noticeable effect will be achieved after 2-4 weeks of continuous use.
  • You must consult a dermatologist, podologist, or a chiropodist before using, and the affected parts of the nailplate should be cleaned up by a specialist.
  • Please contact our team should you need any other details

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