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Veratin Keratolytic 40% Gel 50ml

Veratin Keratolytic 40% Gel 50ml

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Only for podological use!  

The healing and moisturizing effect of Veratin Keratolytic Gel is based on the ability of urea  (40%-concentration) to attract and retain moisture, thereby loosening and softening the tissue of the nail, corns and calluses to such condition when they are easily removed with a drill or nail file. A high concentration of urea (40%) provides a strong keratolytic effect. It is used as an aid in the professional processing of dry and cracked feet and heels.

Professional foot skin/heel cleaning and peeling is required before using this product! 

Indications for use:

  • nail removals
  • cracked and dry heels
  • calluses and “corns”
  • hyperkeratosis  - you must apply gel for 3-5min BEFORE the procedure 

 Active  ingredients: Urea (40%), Lecithin.

Usage: apply to the processed surface before procedure. Always consult with your doctor first! 

ATTENTION: due to manufacturer's packaging outside of USA and chemical composition of this product, we cannot guarantee that shipping of this container will be perfect: high altitude and temperature changes do cause significant pressure changes, and the bottle MAY LEAK. This is normal, we cannot defeat the laws of physics despite our best efforts to pack securely and carefully. Small amounts of leaked liquid do not make this product "unusable".  By purchasing this product, you are waiving your claims against NMD Store or Shipping insurance for all leaked bottles with this product.

If you cannot accept this, please do not purchase this product.

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