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Veratin Keratolytic 40% Gel 50ml

Veratin Keratolytic 40% Gel 50ml

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Only for podological use!  

The healing and moisturizing effect of Veratin Keratolytic Gel is based on the ability of urea  (40%-concentration) to attract and retain moisture, thereby loosening and softening the tissue of the nail, corns and calluses to such condition when they are easily removed with a drill or nail file. A high concentration of urea (40%) provides a strong keratolytic effect. It is used as an aid in the professional processing of dry and cracked feet and heels.

Professional foot skin/heel cleaning and peeling is required before using this product! 

Indications for use:

  • nail removals
  • cracked and dry heels
  • calluses and “corns”
  • hyperkeratosis  - you must apply gel for 3-5min BEFORE the procedure 

 Active  ingredients: Urea (40%), Lecithin.

Usage: apply to the processed surface before procedure. Consult with your doctor first! 

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