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Veratin Biotin (Podolog Gel) 20ml

Veratin Biotin (Podolog Gel) 20ml

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The action of the Veratin Biotin Podolog Gel is aimed at accelerating the regeneration and recovery after any traumatic impact on the skin and nail plates. It is used in podology for healing wounds and cracks.

The active complex of CO2 extracts nourishes the skin with vitamins, microelements and other essential nutrients. Natural components of the Biotin Podolog Gel activate the natural skin immunity, moisturize the upper layer of the epidermis, prevent the propagation of infection, promote rapid healing of the skin without scars, as well as strengthen and restore the nail plate.

Active ingredients: biotin (vitamin H), Taman nut oil, milk thistle oil, CO2-extract complex (Biotin Complex®).

How to apply:

  • In podology, for the treatment of cracks and dry skin of the feet, apply to clean, dry skin after the procedures
  • In home care for the prevention of dry skin of the hands, feet and nails – apply 2 times a day for clean, dry skin.
  • To restore the nails (after treatment of onychomycosis, etc.), rub into the matrix 2 times a day.

Application features:

  • Consult with your doctor before applying Biotin Podolog Gel on the nail plate.
  • For treatment of onychomycosis you must first cure the fungus with Micotin Booster, and then use Biotin Podolog Gel to renew the nail.
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