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UNO Sculpting Gel (base) Easy Build Up (15ml), 1pc

UNO Sculpting Gel (base) Easy Build Up (15ml), 1pc

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UNO Sculpting Gel Easy Build Up : the newest hard & thick base from the popular brand!

Here are the top highlights:

  • Ideal for professional reinforcement, extensions, and repairs of nail plate
  • Very comfortable and convenient  for both novice nail masters and long-time professionals
  • Gel has thick consistency and high viscosity - yet it self-levels and quite liquid for using from the bottle with brush
  • Has universal qualities of reliable adhesion of a rubber base -and strength of strong gel, but it requires a Rubber Base foundation  
  • Suitable for all types of nails
  • Protects nail plate well from color pigmentation of the color layers, can be easily combined with different brands of colors
  • Does not peel, shrink, or crack; when properly applied and cured, holds well for up to 4 full weeks of wear. 
  • Recommended to be “sandwiched” as overlay on top of Rubber Base foundation  
  • Soaks -off well (5-7min), hypo allergenic, not tested on animals
  • Has a classic soft brush with even cut; when pressed, the brush goes well under the cuticle pocket. 
  • Curing time 30 sec in UV/LED lamp, or 2 min UV
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