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UNO Professional NAIL PREP (Dehydrator), 15ml

UNO Professional NAIL PREP (Dehydrator), 15ml

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Professional exclusive high-quality dehydrator. 15ml bottle with soft brush.

  1. NAIL PREP  is specially formulated to effectively clean, degrease, and remove extra moisture from the nail plate BEFORE applying any base, acrygel, or any other artificial cover.
  2. NAIL PREP dries up nearly instantly, removes finest dust, improves adhesion of materials including of the primer (so yes, apply me BEFORE primer or ultrabond!)
  3. The product suits well for any types of nails: weak, brittle, short or long.
  4. Long nails benefit even more, because NAIL PREP works especially well for extensions or acrygel repairs. 
.If you haven’t tried NAIL PREP, we invite you to do so! Your customers will THANK YOU. 
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