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STALEKS PRO Pedicure Tweezers for Splinters, PODO11 (TP-11)

STALEKS PRO Pedicure Tweezers for Splinters, PODO11 (TP-11)

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Staleks Podological Tweezers Staleks Pro PODO 11 (small) TP-11 is a specialized tool for podiatrists. Designed to accurately and safely remove small pieces of ingrown toenails, ingrown nails, calluses, corns, warts, nail particles and foreign objects from wounds and lateral ridges. Additionally, suitable for tamponade. This is a reliable and convenient tool for all nail professionals, extremely relevant in the modern practice of nail and foot care.

Due to the well-designed shape and the use of high-quality steel, the Staleks Pro PODO 11 TP-11 splinter tweezers guarantee efficient work. The tines close precisely and reliably capture the smallest particles with adequate force. The tool fits comfortably in the hand without putting too much strain on the fingers and wrist during work.

STALEKS Pro splinter tweezers are made of strong, corrosion-resistant steel. Polishing with polishing paste gives it additional durability and resistance to rust. The product must be kept clean and dry. Disinfect and sterilize after each use, strictly following all steps and rules.

STALEKS Podological tweezers PRO PODO-11 (TP-11) features:

  • splinter small tweezers with sharp ends;
  • thin long working part with safe tips;
  • ergonomic straight handles;
  • glossy polished surface;
  • reliable grip on the tips and throughout the working part;
  • compact and light;
  • soft movements and even course;
  • material — surgical stainless steel;
  • subject to all types of sterilization and disinfection;
  • professional manual sharpening;
  • opening: — 9 mm;
  • length — 95 ± 1 mm.

How to use splinter tweezers Staleks Pro PODO 11 TP-11:
Use the tool to solve various problems related to the deformation of the nail plate and its ingrowth into the side ridges (onychocryptosis).
Sterilize and disinfect splinter tweezers after each use for safety and hygiene. Do not use abrasive or metal objects for cleaning. Store in a place inaccessible to children, avoiding high humidity.

Made in Ukraine
Article number TP-11

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