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STALEKS PRO Expert Cuticle Nippers, model NE-90-9 (9mm Blade)

STALEKS PRO Expert Cuticle Nippers, model NE-90-9 (9mm Blade)

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The "Expert" line of cuticle nippers by STALEKS PRO are the best nippers money can buy. These nippers are designed for nail techs and salons. The Expert line of nippers are hand-sharpened and fully able to be sanitized and sterilized due to high corrosion resistance. All STALEKS tools are built to last, meaning they are specifically designed to be re-sharpened in the future and remain in your tool bag for years. 35,000 cuts/nips before the first sharpening!

● 9 mm Blade, Full Jaw

● cutting edges slightly angled for perfect nip

● elongated handles, metal spring

● better view of work zone

● super comfortable grip

● flawless pinching and razor-sharp cutting edges achieved via multilevel hand sharpening

● finely brushed surface for superior feel

Highly corrosion-resistant, medical grade stainless AISI 420 steel, flawless finish and exceptional hardness contribute to long instrument service life.

Hand sharpened.
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