STALEKS PRO EXPERT 10 TYPE 3 Eyebrow Tweezers (TE-10/3)

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Model TE-10/3 with slant wide flat tip and shortened length.

The "Expert" line of tweezers by STALEKS PRO are the best money can buy. These tweezers are designed specifically for eyelash/eyebrow techs and salons. The Expert line of tweezers are hand-sharpened and fully able to be sanitized and sterilized because of corrosion resistance. All STALEKS tools are built to last, meaning they are specifically designed to be re-sharpened in the future and stay part of your tool bag for years.

● Comfortable grip on handles

● Pinching through the whole grip zone ensures reliable material grip

● Smooth movement for decreased tension in hand muscles

● Easy hair removal without breaking it

● Hand-sharpened


35000 work cycles!

Highly corrosion-resistant, medical grade stainless AISI 420 steel, flawless finish and exceptional hardness contribute to long instrument service life.

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