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STALEKS PRO EXCLUSIVE Cuticle Nippers, model NX-20-8m (8mm Blade)

STALEKS PRO EXCLUSIVE Cuticle Nippers, model NX-20-8m (8mm Blade)

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The "EXCLUSIVE" line of cuticle nippers by STALEKS PRO is the pinnacle of performance and comfort. These ultimate nippers are designed for nail techs and salons. The EXCLUSIVE line of nippers is hand-sharpened, hand-polished,  and fully able to be sanitized and sterilized due to corrosion resistance. All STALEKS tools are built to last meaning they are specifically designed to be resharpened in the future and stay part of your tool bag for years.

Key Features NX-20-8m (Magnolia):

•8mm blade

• Smooth closure thanks to the unique geometry of canvases
• The more precise cut of the cuticle due to the radiused of the working part
• Hand sharpening of tools using a microscope; laser etching
• Ergonomic handle design that makes the work of the technician easier
• Straight cutting edges with an inclination
• Increased resistance to corrosion due to polishing to a mirror effect
• Durability of sharpening
• High product strength
• Original design in the form of patterns

• Purpose: For manicure
• Sterilization: Yes

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