SMART MULTI PASTE: Nail and Skin Repair Formula (15ml or 150ml)

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SMART MULTI PASTE: new formula for Organic Oil!

ATTENTION: due to manufacturer's packaging and chemical composition of this product, we cannot guarantee that shipping of this container will be perfect: high altitude and temperature changes do cause significant pressure changes, and the bottle MAY LEAK. This is normal, we cannot defeat the laws of physics despite our best efforts to pack securely and carefully. Small amounts of leaked liquid do not make this product "unusable".  By purchasing this product, you are waiving your claims against NMD Store or Tblue insurance for all leaked bottles with this product. If you cannot accept this, please do not purchase this product.

Multipaste is a brand new and totally unique product from company Smart! 

This is the same favorite Organic Oil (by SMART) but converted into PASTE of very thick consistency.

Smart Organic Repair Paste (MULTI PASTE) solves multiple problems in just a few uses, unlike other products on the market that take time.

SMART MULTI PASTE uses: the best skin repair!

  1. As a bandaid or medical glue : simply put it in onycholysis "pocket"  - the paste will cover and seal it while absorbing with time, quickly curing and improving nail plate. Your damaged nail will grow faster. 
  2. To heal and seal cracks: on skin, nails, or feet/heels - it will securely cover, heal  faster, and create a barrier for moisture, bacteria, and dirt.  
  3. Can be used on burns, cuts, and even pimples: you will note a much improved speed of healing.
  4. We have all natural healing ingredients of ORGANIC OIL: tea tree oil, propolis, monarda oil, chamomile, vitamins, and many more  

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1) Monarda oil: fights against bacterial and fungal microflora, it strengthens the nail plate, provides gentle care for the cuticle. In conjunction with other treatments, it helps with such common problems as fungus, fungal nail infections, onycholysis, & herpes.
2) Extract of Celandine:  has powerful antiviral action and slows down cuticle growth.3) Vitamins A and E-moisten and nourish the skin, strengthen the nail plate

4) Extract of Chamomile: powerful natural antibiotic with pronounced anti-inflammatory and healing effects
5) Molecular conductors - used to enhance and accelerate the effect of biologically active elements of other cosmetic products due to this structure, so that all of the above products can very quickly penetrate the skin and enhance the effectiveness of the natural and healing oils

With organic SMART PASTE, you can protect your clients from:

  • onycholysis
  • nail and skin fungus
  • cracks and extra dry skin
  • eczema
  • herpes
  • minor cuts and wounds, and even acne

YLM Biotechnologies Co, Ltd. (UK) formula.

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