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Slider N-020 by NAILZOMANIA

Slider N-020 by NAILZOMANIA

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Our sliders (water stickers) by NAILZOMANIA are made via high quality printing process and on durable and stretchable film.

NAILZOMANIA got it right! Super-large unique sliders (9.5cm X 13.5cm, or 3 3/4" x 5 1/3 " in) contain ~80 small design pictures that give each master a wide variety of choices and would last for a while.  

See detailed usage instructions on reverse side of the package.

Cut out the desired sticker. Place it face up on a wet napkin for 3-5 min until the paper base absorbs enough water, and the picture "slides" off the paper - like a water tattoo. Then gently slide off the picture onto the nail plate, carefully positioning and stretching it while it's still wet. Dry off a bit in the lamp. Then cover with your favorite top - cure in the LED/UV lamp. Enjoy!

Made in Belarus.

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