Nail Drill Set STRONG 90 (New! Made in Korea)

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Brand New efile! Nail Drill set STRONG 90 / 102L, 110/220V (US Plug), 35000 RPM box.  Original, made in Korea. Imported.

This full set includes original metal box transformer unit, a powerful handpiece 102L (rated for 40K RPM and 3.0 Nsm Torgue) with spare brushes, a foot pedal, and a table stand.

ATTENTION: We do not manufacture this products, we only carry and pass on Manufacturer’s US Warranty (1yr for the handpiece, 2 yrs for the transformer box- from the purchase date)  which is serviced out of California via U.S. SAESHIN warranty site or via Svc. Phone Number 949-825-6925. Please contact us for all additional details. We can fully refund your purchase but only for unused (no skin/nail/biological exposure) product within 10 days after the purchase.