Nail Drill Set STRONG 210 /120 (New! Made in Korea)

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Brand new, full e-file set - and Original! Nail drill set STRONG 210 /120, 110/220V -with US plug, power rating: 65W and @35,000 RPM.  Made in Korea, imported.

Smooth. Powerful. Light. Quiet. Shake- and Worry-free.

This complete set includes original box transformer unit, a super-light and durable handpiece 120, (rated 35K RPM and 2.9 Nsm Torgue), with spare brushes, a foot pedal, and a table stand.

Because this Handpiece is so Light-Duty, we do not recommend it for pedicures. 

ATTENTION: We do not manufacture this product, thus we only carry and pass on U.S. Manufacturer’s Warranty (1yr for the handpiece, 2 yrs for controller box- from the purchase date),  which is serviced out of California via SAESHIN warranty website. Svc. Phone number 949-825-6925. Please contact us for website but you will need to fill out all the forms online and submit. You can also contact us for all additional details if required. We can fully refund your purchase (minus shipping) but only for unused (no skin/nail/biological exposure) product within 10 (ten) days after the delivery date & purchase