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Nail Drill Set Marathon Champion 3 White SH30N (New! Made in Korea)

Nail Drill Set Marathon Champion 3 White SH30N (New! Made in Korea)

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Brand new, full e-file set - and Original! Nail drill set Marathon Champion 3 110/220V ,  Made in Korea, imported.

Smooth. Powerful. Light. Quiet. Shake- and Worry-free.

This complete set includes original box transformer unit, a super-light and durable handpiece SDE SH30N, Made in Korea (exported). Great power of rotation (torque) with light weight and comfort. 

A powerful micro motor handpiece, rated at 30K RPMs.

Other technical characteristics: 

  • 3-prong connector, fits most common nail drills.
  • Smooth, quiet, and shake -free.
  • Comes with a wrench to disassemble and clean the body
  • Length: 151 mm X 26 mm, Weight:  156 grams, 30V
  • This is a light-duty controller box. It can be used for manicures only and is not suitable for salons. If the box gets overloaded, it overheats because it does not have overload protection, thus it may burn out prematurely if the heavy loads or pedicures persist. 
  • Max Torque of the handpiece: 2.9 Nsm (key measure of power of rotation)
  • Cleaning, replacement of moving parts (brushes, bearings, chucks, etc.), misuse or incorrect switching of rotation are EXCLUDED from warranty. 

ATTENTION:  Global Manufacturer's (SAEYANG) Warranty is 1 year from the date of sale. However, all warranty work and inspection is done in South Korea (outside of US), AND all shipping costs to and from Korea must be covered by the customer. If purchased from our store, we offer a LIMITED 30 DAY WARRANTY from the date of delivery. We will review each case individually as many factors play in performance of the nail drill.   Our store does not offer Free Shipping for any of our services, including all warranty or service work. 

We provide a full range of services on all devices we sell, but since we outsource this work, it's a paid service outside of limited warranty window of 30 days.  

We can also fully refund your purchase (minus Shipping & Handling) but only for unused (no skin/nail/biological exposure, original brand new packaging) product via a email claim submitted within 10 (ten) days after Ship Date.


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