Micro Motor Handpiece SH20N by SAEYANG / Marathon 30K RPM, Korea

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Legendary original Marathon handpiece! White, SH20N, Made in Korea (exported)

A powerful micro motor handpiece, rated at 30K RPMs. Other characteristics: 

  • 3-prong connector, fits most common nail drills.
  • Smooth, quiet, and shake -free.
  • Comes with spare motor brushes and a wrench to replace them.
  • Length: 128mm X 26mm, Weight:  146 grams, 30V
  • Max Torque : 2.7 Nsm (key measure of power of rotation)

ATTENTION:  Global Manufacturer’s Warranty is 1year from the date of sale. However, all warranty work and inspection is done in Korea (outside of US), shipping is not covered, it's buyer's responsibility.  Thus, as a reseller, we offer 90 day replacement/refund warranty for defective units (both boxes or handpieces).

We can also fully refund your purchase (minus shipping & handling) but only for unused (no skin/nail/biological exposure) product within 10 (ten) days after the delivery date & purchase