Liquid Detergent Concentrate SFERA (1000ml)

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Cleaning Detergent Concentrate SFERA. Highly concentrated liquid of yellow color, used for cleaning of manicure/pedicure tools and drill bits from all kinds of corrosion, discoloration, burns, and bake-on’s. Cannot be used on aluminum , copper, zinc and their alloys- it will damage those surfaces. 

How to use: use caution, do not let concentrate spill on open skin or eyes- you must use rubber or vinyl gloves and protective glasses! Mixing: use proportions of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, or 1:4, where the first digit is concentrate and the second one is tap water. Concentration should be chosen after visual assessment of corrosion degree: the worse corrosion and damage, the higher the concentration should be.  Time of  exposure can vary from 2 to 15min. Please check your instruments periodically. Cleaning effect would be greater if the solution is used in ultrasound cleaner, also for 5-15 min. Solution can be used multiple times within 7 days from the date of mixing. If you see discoloration or white cloudy residue in the solution, replace it ASAP. Expires in 2 years from manufacturing date on the bottle. Made in Russia.

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