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Dry Nail Oil with Shimmer (FRUIT CARE)

Dry Nail Oil with Shimmer (FRUIT CARE)

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Dry cuticle and nail oil, with shimmer and very pleasant smell of fruit. It absorbs instantly and leaves a fresh healthy look and sensation. Contains vitamins A and E. 

Special blend of natural oils improves nail appearance, increases thickness and strength of the nail plate, softens the cuticle skin and prevents it from splitting and pealing. If used daily for at least 1 month, the health benefits of this oil will be visible and apparent. 

Consult with a physician before initial use. Natural oils may cause allergic reaction so the product must be tested first on a small area.  

How to use:

Shake the bottle well. Apply one drop of oil on the matrix area and rub around the nail and cuticle with circular motions. Do not wash off. Can be used daily.

Store between 40F to 75F in dry place, do not allow sun exposure. 

Made in Russia. 15ml. 

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