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CHROME LIQUID KIT (liquid chrome powder)

CHROME LIQUID KIT (liquid chrome powder)

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LIQUID KIT(liquid chrome powder), 6pc set

How to use:

1) Fully prep the nails:  manicure, filing, base, structure (if required), color, No-wipe top. 

2) Shake the bottle very well before each use. Metal is heavy and it will always settle to the bottom.

3) On a fully prepped nail (colored and covered with no-wipe top, both cured!) apply liquid chrome. Apply it generously, with full drops of material around the full surface of the nail bed.

4) Make sure the liquid dries out completely. You can work on other nails while it’s drying.

5)  After liquid dries, rub it with the bare fingertip or soft cloth for glasses till the desired “metallic finish” shine - there’s very little if any residue. If your finger ever gets dirty, clean it with alcohol.

6) Cover it with No-wipe top again. Cure. Done.

Made in China

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