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AKZENTZ AFFIXIT, Acid -Free Bonder (Primer)

AKZENTZ AFFIXIT, Acid -Free Bonder (Primer)

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Affixit: A New Breed of Acid-Free Bonder!

New bonding technology! This non-acid based primer leaves a tacky surface to aid even the most troublesome nails.  This product does not need to be cured in a LED/UV lamp and makes the nail plate perfectly sticky for extreme adhesion. Proceed with your base coat of choice.

  • Recommended for use with Classic UV Gels (not necessary with Pro-Formance Gel Line) 
  • Apply like polish onto natural nails or new growth, let sit for 60 seconds. It will leave a tacky surface after air-drying. Also serves as a Line Out to hide any tiny spots you may have missed filing.  Avoid getting on skin or cuticles.
  • Great to use on the edge of the natural nail to help prevent free edge separation on gel manicures 
  • Apply a layer over your chrome powders to promote better adhesion!

What makes it a bonder,  if it is not an acid-based?

AKZENTZ acid-free Affixit is formulated with Isopropylidenediphenyl Bisoxyhydroxypropyl Methacrylate (google it) which has hydroxyl groups that promote superior adhesion to protein structures including fingernails.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, color samples may appear different on different monitors. We do our very best to make sure pictures shown are as close to the exact product as possible, but cannot guarantee that what you see is an exact match. Akzentz products are intended for use by trained nail professionals and are sold exclusively through professional nail distributors like NMD Store. As such these products cannot be sold into another distributor's area. Please check the list of all restricted states/provinces/countries HERE.
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