Nail Dust Vacuum Collector MIRACLE (Made in Korea)

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Newest Arrival, straight from South Korea!

Meet MIRACLE,  a new comer into dust collectors' world that's sweeping the planet by storm - literally! Made by one of the most reputable names in business, MARATHON by SAYEYANG CO. LTD, this hard worker is making its presence known.

MIRACLE is one of the best dust collectors we have tested. It is truly remarkable. Yes, you may see some spekles of dust, but overall it tested really well.

Key features: 110V (US) plug,  light weight and compact size, VERY powerful engine, low noise, gradual speed selection, HEPA filter (we have extras too if you need them). 

Technical specifications:

  • Power: 52.8 Watts at 4600 RPMs, 
  • Has MULTIPLE (gradual) speeds
  • Size: 24sm * 21sm * 7sm (vs ULKA 26.5*24.5*11 cm)
  • Weight: 35.5 oz (1010 gramms with HEPA filter, withour the cord)
  • Noise Level: 39 dB
  • HEPA Filter size: 16sm *16sm *0.8sm
  • Device body is made of super light, drop-proof plastic.
  • Dust collector has special anti-slip rubber pads on the base.

  • Comes with a small portable USB light. USB connector can be used for other purposes (charging a phone, for examlpe). 
  • Comes with ONE HEPA filer installed and 50 disposable filters. HEPA Filter requires daily cleaning (gently clean it with a dry brush over the trash can) or gently suck it with a vacuume cleaner at lower speeds.. Recommended to replace every 3 months of daily use. 
  • Disposable filters (napkins) can be used instead of a HEPA fileter (but not together with it!). Discard each after use. 

ATTENTION: NMD Store offers 6 Months of Limited Manufacture Warranty on this product.  
Water damage, wrong electric current, misuse and several other cases are EXCLUDED from warranty. Please see enclosed paper for warranty details, or contact us to obtain them. 
All warranty work for SAEYANG and product inspection is done in South Korea (outside of US), shipping to Korea must be covered by the customer.  Our store does not offer Free Shipping for any of our services, including all warranty or service work. 
In case of any defects, broken parts, DOA (dead on arrival), or dissatisfaction upon delivery, we can fully refund your purchase (minus Shipping & Handling) but only for unused (no skin/nail/biological exposure) product, you must  submit an email claim  to us within 10 (ten) days after Delivery Date.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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