Liquid Concentrate for Disinfection

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Concentrate for disinfection of drill bits and diamond-coated dental instruments, by Vladmiva (Russia) .

How to use:

Before use, please make sure the concentrate and water are at room temperature (70-75F) or a bit higher, lukewarm.  

Mix 2 caps of concentrate with 200ml (1 glass) of water, stir thoroughly.

Poor a portion of this solution into a separate disinfection cup. Submerge all instruments and tools into this solution for 15 min, add more solution if needed to cover tools or bits. Temperature should remain 70-100F (you can also use lukewarm water to dilute) during cleaning process.

Prepared solution can be used multiple times within 14 days. If you see milky residue or any discoloration of the solution- it means it is dirty and needs to be replaced. You can reach greater cleaning effect if you use this solution in ultrasound washer for 15min; even after the ultrasound, this solution can be used numerously.

Rinse thoroughly with running clean tap water. Air dry your tools. They are ready for the next steps of your sterilization/ disinfection process. 


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